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I have a blogger friend, Christy, whose blog is called Tales of the Toot.  This woman is AMAZING.  Her son, Aiden, has an ultra rare condition called Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (AHUS) (read about Aiden on his website here).  While I whine about losing sleep because I have two boys who have never slept well, she loses sleep because she has to get up and check Aiden’s dialysis machine all night long.

Here is her “about” description from her blog:

Tales of the Toot is about living an abundant life while parenting your special needs child. I believe that God has given us our special  little guys and gals because He has divinely equipped us to be the special mom they need. Do not let your child’s illness define your life. You define the illness!

I love this woman.  I feel like God has placed us in each others’ paths for a very specific reason, and I really hope it’s so we can get together in person and gab for hours and hours.

Right now, Christy is entered to win the Little Remedies Mom Blogger Contest.  Every time you vote for her, you’re entering to win for yourself, too.

More direct quoting from her blog:

I love Little Remedies and use their products for the little Toot man all the time. Remember, each time you vote for me…you are also voting for yourself! Let’s win something!!!

Here are the list of prizes we could win:

All Grand and First Prize Winners will receive a gift kit containing:

I’ve voted for Tales of the Toot every day for several days, and have never received any kind of spam email or anything like that.  So, either click the link to Christy’s website in the first sentence of this post and find her “Vote Here” button, or click this button.  It should take you to vote for Tales of the Toot.  If you can, vote every day!

Thank you!


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