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Part of the prize for the March give-away was a showcase of the favorite mission.  S Zurek won the giveaway, and Hallee the Homemaker donated $50 to Helping Hearts Helping Hands.

The quote at the top of the website for this organization says:

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”   -Harriet Tubman

The founder of this group obviously is a dreamer who knows how to step up to the plate and make her dreams come true.  Currently, Helping Hearts Helping Hands provides food, fresh water, clothing, shoes, and vitamins to villages in Honduras. They are in the process of purchasing property in Honduras to start and orphanage, and their host family has already moved in. This property that they’re purchasing for the orphanage is set on a beautiful 2 acre piece of land and has two homes, ideal for their orphanage.  The founder and her family travel to Honduras every 2-3 months and spend 1-2 months down there each trip. Their goal is to have the orphanage open and ready for children by April of 2010.

What makes this particular organization so unique is that the founder is 17.  Here is her bio from her website:

Erica Cale is 17 years old and has always had a passion for helping others. She graduated from High School in November 2008 and will be taking online college courses, which makes traveling and being away on mission trips possible. On April 10, 2007 she realized what her calling in life was: to be a missionary and live her life helping others. April 10th was her first day in Honduras and she knew it was meant to be. Her passion, her goal, her dream in life….mission work.  “Let’s make a difference together, every prayer and every person can help!”

I am just beyond impressed with this young lady.  I love that she not only felt convicted to do this, but followed through and DID it.  It speaks volumes to how God has a plan for us, and how if we just listen to Him then do what He asks, He will see that the doors are opened and barriers removed.

I love that Erica’s family obviously supports her in her mission work.  Her mother serves as president of Helping Hearts Helping Hands.  I hope that if one of my children came to me with an idea like this one, I would be as open to the Lord as Nancy obviously is.

If Gregg were home, I’m certain we would find a way to be at their 3rd Annual Emerald Ball this weekend.  It would be awesome to meet this family in person.

I pray that the ball is wildly successful.  I pray that their orphanage opens next month and that God just continues to use Erica and her family and amazing and magnificent ways.  I pray that they are shielded with protection from the slings and errors that will certainly be headed their way as they approach the opening of their orphanage.  And I pray that the orphans feel the love of God through this amazing family.

Thank you, S. Zurek, for introducing us to such an amazing ministry.


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