Friends & Help & So Many Blessings

My husband, Gregg, is home for the next 3 weeks.  He arrived Saturday and will be home until the 31st.  This coming long holiday weekend, my parents have graciously agreed to watch our kids for us while we go hide away for some romantic one-on-one married time.

I have a character flaw.  It is almost impossible for me to ask for help.  For one, I foolishly think I’m capable of handling everything (I told you it was a flaw).  For another, I am irrationally fearful of someone turning me down, of “rejection.”  Again, flaw.

So, looking at four heavenly days isolated in a hotel suite alone with my husband, I just didn’t want to worry about having to put up posts on the blog.  Not that I mind putting up posts.  But I didn’t want it on my mind at all.  So, I stressed and prayed and bit the bullet and wrote five women I totally admire and enjoy, asking them if they would be willing to write guest posts for me.  I was so thrilled when not one of them turned me down.  All five even seemed excited about the prospect.

The guest post schedule is as follows:

Thursday: Household 6 Diva’s Ann Marie will be adding to my Surviving Separation Series.  She was pregnant and gave birth to their third child when her husband was in Iraq, while living in Germany.  Her blog is absolutely one of my favorites on the internet, and I thoroughly enjoy looking at life through her eyes.  I have no doubt that you will enjoy her post.

Friday: My dear friend Money Saving Meg returns with tips on how to save money while outlet shopping.  We got such a great feedback on her first post with us, and I intend to continue to nag her into doing regular money saving guest spots.

Saturday: My friend Natalee is a brilliant artist when it comes to cupcakes.  She makes everything from Diego to Labrador Retrievers, and everything in between.  I’ve been bugging her for months to do a guest spot for me.  When I told her why I wanted one this time, she readily accepted, then we started brainstorming about what to do.  Looking at the days I would be gone and the historical significance of any of the days, we discovered that the 17th is Benjamin Franklin’s birthday.  Natalee, in all of her brilliance, came up with a cupcake recipe and decorations that give tribute to this American icon.

Sunday: My darling husband, Gregg, returns with another creation post. Don’t worry – it’s already written and in the queue, so that he can focus on things other than the blog as well.

Monday: Kelly the Kitchen Kop, someone I so admire and respect,  surveyed veteran bloggers all over the mommy and healthy food blogosphere to bring tips and ideas for new bloggers.  This will be a mini-blog carnival with bloggers linking back and forth to this guest spot all day.

Tuesday: Couponing 101’s Heather will bring us tips and tricks for saving in the grocery store.  And this woman knows of what she speaks, too — she will include the $118.76 worth of groceries that she got for $11.96.

I will return back to my normal blogging schedule on Wednesday.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy this long weekend and all of my guests.  If you enjoy what they write, please leave a comment and let them know.  I want them to say yes if I ever get another chance to be whisked away by my husband for a romantic weekend again.  And visit their sites.  They are all bookmarked on my blog roll.  I read them every day.

I am so blessed with so many good friends, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them.  You ladies rock, and I really appreciate you.


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