3 Letter Word: New Series Coming!

Listen UpWhat three letter word might that be?

You guessed it.

S – E – X

Specifically, I am talking about the BEST SEX EVER.

I’ve given this much thought and prayer.  I felt a deep conviction after talking with numerous friends of mine who aren’t having the BEST SEX EVER.

I decided it was time I offered what advice I could as to how anyone can experience the BEST SEX EVER.

My goal is to sincerely, and from my heart, share a series of well written, honest, intelligent, serious, thought provoking and stimulating posts on the topic of human sexuality that perhaps  will answer some questions, solve some mysteries, inspire, and heighten a little romance.

I will present six really juicy posts consisting of an introduction and 5 parts, but I wanted to let my readers know in advance just in case, maybe, you wanted to exercise some discretion.

This series is going to be frank, open, honest, and grown-up.  This series isn’t going to be over the top, nor will it be dry or clinical, nor will it be lighthearted or silly.  However, it also isn’t going to be kid stuff.  Each post is packed with interesting points to ponder discussed from a perspective of a sexually engaged married couple.

I have already committed to reveal the carefully guarded Christian secrets to the BEST SEX EVER that our culture will almost never tell you.   It took years of study, reading, and research for us to uncover these secrets.

To be perfectly clear, I came to the decision to write these posts prayerfully and with the best of intentions.

Just to be extra careful and respectful, each new post in this series will appear on Friday at 5 AM EST starting tomorrow, in case you want to wait until later in the week to come back and check out the latest recipe or homemaking tip.  If not, and this still isn’t your thing, just close your eyes and, I don’t know, think of baseball.  Or cooking.  Or menu planning.  Or whatever turns you on.


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