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I’ve already told you how this is the time of year for heavy duty housecleaning.  This morning, I went to our local mega-low-mart to rent a steam cleaner to clean the carpets and the couches.  They didn’t have one to rent – which was more than a little frustrating because that’s the second store I’ve been to looking for one.  But they did have several from which to choose  that I could buy.

My mind started whirring and number crunching.  I don’t have a  lot of carpet – two bedrooms and a hall.  The rest of the house is hardwood floor or parquet flooring.  But we also have two dogs and a cat who prefer to sleep with “thier” kids in those carpeted rooms.  And we also have two rowdy boys who love to play and wrestle on the furniture and a daughter who loves having sleepovers, which come with food on the furniture, spilled pop, popcorn butter, etc.

The more I stared at all of those beautiful, shiny machines, the more I realized that buying our own steam cleaner would actually be much more cost effective that renting one about every other month.

I got home and hoped Gregg would see things the way I did, so I waited to open the box just in case I needed to return it.  I shouldn’t have worried.  Before I even launched into my detailed explanation and rationalization, he was telling me how happy he was that I bought it.  I don’t spend money easily – especially on large purchases.  My NOT spending tends to bother him way more than what little spending I actually do.

So as soon as I got off of the phone, we ripped open the box and me and the boys had a grand ole’ time putting the thing together.


But it wasn’t too complicated.


Oh yes, be afraid you ground in dirt on my children’s carpets and on my couches and chairs – be very afraid.  Your time in this house is at an end.


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