Autumn Wreath

Shopping this week, I stopped in to a favorite home store to buy what I needed to make an autumn wreath for my front door. The home store was already shoving golds and oranges aside for tinsel and garland (grrr) so their plain twig wreath bases were on the same aisle as the pre-made wreaths. Curious, I priced something similar to what I was about to make. Imagine my gasp of surprise when the pricetag read $34.99!

The plain twig wreath pictured here cost $4.99 at the same store.

This bundle of autumn decorations cost $14.99, but was on sale for $7.50.  (Ignore the spool of ribbon –  had originally planned to put a bow on the wreath, but it was so pretty without the bow.)


Using wire cutters, cut the flowers and decorations off of the bundle, leaving enough wire stem to thread into the twig wreath. Hot glue wherever you need extra support or help.


Attach a ribbon tied into a bow to use as both a decorative accent and the method by which you hang it.


Ta-Da! An Autumn wreath for your front door for the whopping price of $12.49.

Beats the pants off of $34.99 any day.


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