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Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Recently, Gregg suggested a picnic for our date night. I posed the question on my personal Facebook wall and on Hallee the Homemaker’s Facebook as to what would be a good dessert for a night time picnic. A friend on my personal wall immediately came back with “Whoopie Pies.” It was intended to be a clever joke, but I thought it was brilliant. Only, whoopie pies are traditionally chocolate, and Gregg isn’t a huge chocolate fan. So, I thought, “I bet someone has made a red velvet whoopie pie.” A quick search took me to Liz at Hoosier Homemade – a long time resident of my blog roll and the site to which I often turn for cupcake ideas. This recipe was EASY. I adjusted it slightly. The cookies I made were big – this recipe gave me 6 whoopie pies. However, if I were going to make it again (and I will – maybe even today!) – I would cut the size in half to come up with 12 pies. I was working fast to get these in the oven so that they could cool in time to make for our date, so I did not take any pictures of the process.

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