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30 Days of Thankfulness Day 10

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I hate it because it sucks my life away. In order to have a presence there, you must be a presence there. So, when I could be doing a million other things, I have to be present.

I love it because I have made so many incredible friends through social media (including meeting my husband in a long ago pioneer form of social media called an AOL chat room). I also know that I know that if it weren’t for social media, this blog and my writing career would only have a fraction of the success they’ve had.


Homemaking “Tribe”

With Triberr, your blog post get fed via RSS (so you don’t have to manually do it) to your “tribe”, and the people there “share” it. In that, they hover over a button, and it gets shared. If you aren’t using Triberr, you’re missing out on an opportunity for nothing more than a large social media footprint. For instance, with all of the members of a Romance Novel Writer Tribe I run, when a blog post is shared by all of the members, it gets shared to 31,648 individual Twitter followers (my 3,600 Twitter followers plus the Twitter followers of all of the other people in my tribe). An Indie Authors tribe of which I’m a member has a reach to 244, 552. When I write an author blog post, with all of my tribes, my post is sent to about 800,000 Twitter followers.

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Things I’ve Learned This Week

This week was my first full week totally focused on this new venture as an “official” novelist. I’m working on my trilogy, focusing this week on the first one (Sapphire Ice) and the third one (Topaz Heat). Sapphire publishes this month. I’ve been working on final edits, getting feedback from a set of beta readers, writing the blurb, and working with the cover artist. Gregg has been researching how to publish it and all of the details and nuances involved within that big giant convoluted world (he sends me technical articles in emails titled, “Stuff I Read So That You Don’t Have To” — and when I skim through them I’m reminded of how much I love and adore my husband), and tweaking this blog.

On Topaz, I’ve been filling in the holes after the first draft, re-writing chapters, and fluffing out thoughts and feelings in scenes. I could do that all day long, really. I love writing.

I’ve also been trying to create a web presence as Hallee Bridgeman, Novelist, as opposed to Hallee the Homemaker. Which requires reading and commenting on author blogs as opposed to homemaker blogs, working the Facebook and Twitter scene as Hallee Bridgeman instead of Hallee the Homemaker, and learning how Google+ operates.

I’ve learned a few things this week:



I am now on Twitter. My name is halleeb (Hallee B.) As I’m trying to figure out this new venture, please add me to your follow list and I’ll add you and we’ll tweet and re-twit and just have a grand time. :-)

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