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Dear Hallee: Real Food & Visiting Family

I have really been trying to feed my family better. We’ve recently switched to mainly organic foods, when we can afford them. My question comes in an upcoming trip to visit family. We’ll be there around 3 nights and they don’t really eat the way we do. When you travel, how do you eat? Do you just eat what the host fixes, regardless of what’s in it? Do you take food and possibly offend the host? I’m stuck in the fact that I really don’t want to mess up our newly established eating habits, but I also don’t want to offend anybody either. Signed, Traveling Mama


Vacation: Days 1 & 2

This was our first family vacation that didn’t directly have to do with the military or visiting family that we’ve ever taken. We stayed in a condo on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. We live in central Kentucky, so we faced about an 11-hour drive to get there and we decided to break it into a 2-day trip. We packed a SERIOUS LOT of vacation into the days we were gone.


I Am Not a People Person

I just flew from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with a stop in Paris, France, then returned home on a flight from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and finally back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a stop in Amsterdam, Netherlands and another stop in Detroit, Michigan. Twenty-eight total hours flying, about fifteen hours sitting in airports, and crossing the paths of hundreds of people. It occurred to me after this trip, as I was driving home finally, that I am not a people person.

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