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Creation: Is Darwinism a Religion?

The truth is that Darwinism is a WORLD VIEW with philosophical assumptions that any other religious world view relies upon. In the fanatical extremes — Dennet, Dawkins, etc. — it is clearly a dogmatic and fundamentalist religion and rather exclusive in nature.


Creation: Abiogenesis Part II

Abiogenesis is the notion that if you assemble all of the base components you need in order for life to exist under the ideal conditions, that life will simply happen. The context of this so called theory is that all of the base components needed in order for life to exist, along with all of the ideal conditions, had to have come together randomly and exclusively by way of undirected processes.

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Creation: All Things New Again

Because of the Hubble Constant, their math doesn’t even work out anymore. There are stars that are moving far too fast; stars that are far too distant, stars that are far too bright; etc., ad nauseam. Informed scientists know this. Many have abandoned the accepted theories and are in dedicated pursuit of the truth. Many others refuse to do so because of the metaphysical implications alternative theories present. The latter group has the loudest voice.

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