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Three Sisters

Three sisters is a Native American gardening technique called “intercropping”. Three plants – corn, squash, and beans – are planted together and work together. The green bean crawls up the corn stalk and uses it as a pole, nourishing the soil at its roots with nitrogen nodules in its roots, and the squash grows along the base of the corn and beans, providing ground cover to retain moisture and prevent weed growth.


Southern Cheese Grits

Grits, for those of you who haven’t spent a good portion of your life below the Mason-Dixon line, is a cornmeal made from hominy. Hominy is hulled corn kernels that have been stripped of their bran and germ. What the American Indians gave the Pilgrims was likely hominy. “Lye hominy” is made when the kernels of corn are soaked in a light lye solution. You can get white grits (made from white corn) or yellow grits (made from yellow corn). The difference between grits and polenta, other than regions of America, is that polenta is made from corn that retains the germ of the grain.

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Popcorn? Really?

As I was doing research for purchasing my grain mill, I read all sorts of “don’t do’s.” One of them was don’t try to grind anything that was too hard, including popcorn. But, when I got my grain mill (a NutriMill) the booklet that came with the machine said, “Popcorn will make the best cornmeal you’ve ever tasted.”


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