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A Week in the Life of Hallee: Wednesday

This wasn’t a typical week for me by any stretch of the imagination. But, I thought that you might enjoy seeing the process that I went through to prepare my home for my husband’s return and to plan for Scott and Johnathan’s combined birthday party, which included out-of-town family being here. So, here it is, one of the craziest weeks of my life. I have determined that I will do this again once school starts and I do have a typical week, so that you can see that I’m not always so insanely overwhelmed with life. For this entire series, click here.


The Power of a Praying Wife: Chapter 14- His Integrity

There was a time in our marriage when there was little trust between me and Gregg. I’d say one thing and he wouldn’t believe it. He’d say another thing and I wouldn’t believe it. It was a very dark time in our lives, and even typing about it and thinking about itelicits a bit of an emotional reaction in my heart.

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