Emergency Yogurt Spoon (Functional Origami)

Posted by Hallee on Jan 26, 2014 in Food Art, Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips, Snacks

If you have yogurt with a foil lid but no spoon, you can make your own spoon, no problem. The only requirement I think I have is that the lid to your yogurt needs to be the sturdy foil type lid.

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DIY: Toothpaste as Cleaning Agent

Posted by Hallee on Jan 24, 2014 in Homemaking with Hallee, Housekeeping

CAREFULLY apply the toothpaste to the cloudy lens keeping it away from your paint. Use an old toothbrush you are about to throw away anyway and scrub in a circular brushing motion overlapping as you go. There is no need to floss.

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Showing 1/4 Inch Who’s Boss

Posted by Hallee on Sep 21, 2010 in Hallee's Galley, Life

If you remember my Wordless Wednesday from last week, we got a new refrigerator delivered on Tuesday. We actually purchased the fridge in the beginning of August, but they were out of stock and we had to wait for delivery. Gregg measured the fridge, and he and my dad spent a day one weekend cutting the cupboard above the refrigerator to fit the measurements of the new fridge.
Only, it didn’t fit. By 1/4 inch.


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Wordless Wednesday: This is What it Looks Like When…

Posted by Hallee on Sep 15, 2010 in Hallee's Galley, Life

Wordless Wednesday


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Honey Sweetened Grape Jelly with Homemade Apple Pectin

Pectin is found in under ripe food and is a substance that will jell fruit juice when combined with sweeteners. I’m not all that crazy about growing my own fruit, being careful about the source of the food I buy, carefully preparing to preserve such fruit — then having to preserve it with a box of some Sure-Jel that came off of the Wal-Mart shelf. So, I researched into how to make my own pectin.

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Tip: How to Pasteurize an Egg

Posted by Hallee on Jan 23, 2010 in Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips

It has come to my attention that some folks are concerned about the use of raw egg yolk in my mayonnaise recipe. I tested this home pasteurization technique today to ensure that my mayonnaise recipe still works and I am happy to report that it works fine.

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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Posted by Hallee on Nov 20, 2009 in Gift Ideas, Hallee's Galley, Recipes

Vanilla extract is expensive. Every month the prices just keep going up. I reckoned that it’s nothing more than vanilla beans and alcohol. Did some research and turned out I was right.

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