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Menu Monday 07 MAR 2011

Here’s the menu for my family for the week of March 7th. As far as desserts go, my cookie jar sat empty for so long that I finally removed it from the counter, and my husband hasn’t had homemade cookies from me in WEEKS. Consequently, I’m declaring this week to be cookie week. My husband is getting Oatmeal Raisin Cinnamon Chip Cookies, and my kids are getting Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies. That jar will be refilled! It’s also Kaylee’s birthday party Saturday. She wants a tiered zebra striped cake. This oughta be fun. :-)

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Oatmeal Raisin Cinnamon Chip Cookies

I stumbled upon cinnamon chips at the commissary years ago and made the recipe on the back of the bag. These things were AMAZING. Everywhere I went, people asked me for the recipe. Then one day I couldn’t find them anymore. I searched everywhere, every store, all the time for them (I will admit that I still look for them in the baking aisle.) When we moved to Kentucky, we found Meijer stores and — they carry them! So, good luck finding them. I DO intend to play around with making my own cinnamon chips, so look for that sometime in the near future. I have since adjusted the recipe on the back – and they’re even better than they were before (which seems not only improbable, but impossible.)

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