Pondering Pennies Past & Present

A friend’s blog post from this week inspired me to write this today. She blogged about taking over their family’s finances and looking forward to the coming year and seeing what she can do about emergency funds and vacation funds and such.

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Money-Saving Meg Frames Frugal Friday Message

Posted by Hallee on Nov 13, 2009 in Biblical womanhood, Budgeting, Raising girls, Stewardship

My friend Meg is guest posting today. Meg and I are very similar. We are both homemakers, we are both mothers of 3, we both value and desire a closer relationship with God. Today, I hand my blog reins over to Meg, who will tell you how she does what she does with the budget she does it with, and I will allow you to be as impressed with her as I am. Enjoy Frugal Friday.

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Consignment finds & the smartest clothing invention ever

Posted by Hallee on Oct 24, 2009 in Budgeting, Parenting, Raising boys, Raising girls, Stewardship

Consignment stores are such a godsend. Because we’ve never really had to buy clothes for the boys, they’ve never been anywhere on my radar. But when I told Gregg that I needed to get Scott new pants, he’s the one who suggested that I check out the consignment store first.

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Making over our money, totally

Gregg and I recently made a commitment as a couple and as a family to get out of debt. We have a number of motivating factors for this, but our primary motivation is because the less money we’re paying out to interest payments or what have you, the more we have to help further God’s kingdom.

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