Time To Say Goodbye

headshotOn August 6, 2009, I wrote my first blog post, “And So It Begins.” Kaylee was 12, Scott was 3, and Jeb was just over 1.

Over the course of the next two years, I blogged about living life and parenting these three amazing children while my husband was in Afghanistan. In August 2011, he came home for good. He’d been gone almost 3 years.

Ever since he’s been home I’ve struggled with keeping this blog up. I wanted to stop blogging right after he came home, but I kept at it. I wrote about real food, a Biblical diet, parenting, marriage, romance, life. I connected with readers and loved them and poured my life out to them in an effort to have some sort of positive impact on their lives. In the last year, I’ve written about parenting a son on the autism spectrum and living life with a daughter old enough to date.

It’s time to say goodbye.

20140502_071428_resizedkaylee bench

In March 2012, I started publishing my books. This year, Gregg and I officially launched Olivia Kimbrell Press to the world.  Balancing blogging and book writing/publishing with marriage, children, and life has simply become too much for me to juggle. I can no longer do it, and I’m tired of going weeks between blogging.

hallee gregg booksI have five years worth of content on this blog and I still get close to a thousand visitors a day. Even though my blog is “out of date”, even though I don’t stay active in Pinterest or Instagram, the search engines still constantly point people to me — and because of that, the site will stay up. God truly blessed me by giving me the words, over and over again, to share with you. I’m not going to take them down.

I am still going to be EXTREMELY active in social media and in life in general. I have a newsletter that I send out once a month that brings readers up to date with my life and gives them book release information. And I have my Hallee Bridgeman Author site.

In the coming months, I’ll be part of a 10-book Inspirational Romance e-book collection that is just going to be 99 cents for the month of October called Red Hot Squeaky Clean Romance. You’ll want to follow me on Facebook or Twitter or sign up for my newsletter so that you don’t miss that amazing deal. I’ll also be releasing my 7-part serialized WWII story, Virtues and Valor, starting September 15th.

I would like for this to NOT be “goodbye”. Rather, I’d like for this to be the simple turning the page from one chapter to another. I’d love for you to follow me in my novelist world, sign up for my newsletter, and stay in touch with me on social media.

Thank you for the years of readership.

In Christ,

Hallee Bridgeman



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