Social Media Made Me a Lazy Blogger

It’s true. For the last year-and-a-half, my schedule has been nearly insurmountable. And, I got a smart phone. So, I walked around with my smart phone all day and didn’t write blog posts – I wrote Facebook posts, because that was easy from my smart phone. And, the more I did that, the less I did here.

Well, then Facebook changed their thing.  They’ve even admitted that if you have a business page, to expect less people to see what you’re posting unless you pay money for it.

facebook sucks

You can see that with over 2300 people liking my page, 24 hours after posting something, only four people saw it.



I’ve been on a social media break for a few days now that will continue it until January 7th, when the kids go back to school.  So, a few times, I thought I’d post something to Facebook, then remembered the break, then thought, “I should write a blog post.”

What an idea.  Instead of Facebook, I’ll just write blog posts.  They may be silly things like this:

Whole Wheat Biscuits and Beef Bacon Gravy…

beef bacon gravy

It’s what’s for dinner.

Which is exactly what I posted on Facebook last week.  Or it might be a link to an interesting article. Or it might be some thoughts about the pile of laundry and the two kittens, Snickers and Twix.  Whatever it may be, if I think of a Facebook post, I’m going to turn it into a blog post.  So be prepared. THIS post was typed in a whim using my phone! There’s no stopping me now! LOL


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