Last Week to Get Topaz Heat for Just $0.99!

This is the last week you will be able to get Topaz Heat for just $0.99!

On Monday, June 18th, the price will go up to $3.99

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to read this 5-star novel for just $0.99. Here’s where you can find it:



Barnes & Noble

All Romance

Here are a few of the reviews Topaz Heat has received:


As the last book in this series.. I was amazed to say the least..I loved reading all these, but I think the last may have been the best! I loved the simple truths that are so well written within these books. The old saying I have heard all my life came to mind while reading .. you can’t judge a book by the cover.. of course I am not talking a out the cover of this book, as Christians sometimes we only see what others look like on the outside.. we forget that though they may seem very much the same.. that God can change that person completely without you looking close enough you may overlook the true transformation of the heart while focused on the outside of the person.. Again, cannot say enough good things about this series.. I hope to find (if there are any more) and read ALL this author has to offer. I have found another favorite author!”

“This is a fantastic read. Like the 2 previous book I could not put it down. The only reason I am now disappointed is that the series is complete.”

“Topaz Heat is an excellent romantic suspense! Hallee Bridgeman is a new author to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Wow! What a wonderful surprise! The story was very well written and seemed to have the perfect blend of suspense, romance and intrigue, with some splashes of humor along the way. I fell in love with the characters and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction of the ‘family’ and the closeness they shared. I really appreciated the underlying message that, as believers, we are new creatures in Christ and that our old self is done away with. Derrick was a great example of how God can change a heart and when He does He changes a life as well. That’s always an encouraging message to hear. Sarah was a very relateable character and though we don’t like to admit it, I’m guessing we probably all have a little ‘Sarah’ in us. You’ll find Derrick to be very romantic. There were several toe-curling moments between him and Sarah. And I must say, the Epilog was totally sigh-worthy! Topaz Heat is Book 3 of the Jewel Trilogy but I didn’t feel lost not having read the other two books (Sapphire Ice & Emerald Fire) first. I will, however, be reading those very soon. I think reading them in order would be beneficial in gaining the family history but not necessary for understanding the story. Topaz Heat is a great romantic suspense and one I would definitely recommend. Great job, Hallee!”

“Hallee Bridgeman hit it out of the park with this one! Her other two books in the Jewel Trilogy were great, but this one surpassed my expectations! It was well written, amazing character development and emotions. However, her use of Faith in this book is what really sets it apart! It was enough to renew my faith and question why I am not more like the main character! Best book in the series! Can’t wait to see what this new author puts out next!!!!!”

“This is the final installment in the series about 3 very different, but wonderful sisters. From the first book, the reader is drawn into a beautiful, yet realistic love story that is masterfully written and powerfully executed….I took my time in reading this, because I knew this was the final stop in the trilogy and oh! I did not want it to end….It is my fervent hope that the author keeps writing such beautiful stories that inspire and touch the heart….not everybody can write clean, beautiful Christian romance….but honey, this author GETS IT!!……Buy the series….and get ready to be blown away!!”

“Out of the three books in this trilogy, Topaz Heat is by far my favorite. In the first two books, I love the heroine. They are strong, overcoming women. In this last one, I find myself admiring and rooting for the leading man. The story that is woven is not so fanciful that it is unbelievable; instead it is unapologetically open about dealing with one’s past, present, and ultimately shaping one’s future. Faithful love, loyalty, and family run through the story line and leave you feeling uplifted even while you escape into the wonderful story Bridgman weaves. My only complaint? It’s the last one. I cannot wait to read more by author Hallee Bridgeman!”

“What a let-down. That’s what I thought as I finished the last page of Topaz Heat. I give it 5 stars. Why the let-down? Because it’s over. First, let me say that I have loved the whole series. I have loved the story line, I have loved the edginess that goes beyond “floating on clouds” romantic fluff and I love the fact that it isn’t churned out junk. Even more I love the fact that I am not bogged down with horrible sentence structure and grammar as so many books are today.”

Topaz Heat is the crowning jewel of this 3 book series. If you read the first books, Topaz Heat continues telling the story of Derrick. Giving us a view of how he has gone from that scruffy kid on the streets to a successful business man, transformed outwardly by Tony and hard work, and inwardly by the love of Christ. We also see more of Sarah’s journey, with Hallee bringing us face to face with that side of us we like to pretend isn’t there but all too often affects those around us. A more unlikely pair you would not find, as both their family and friends are skeptical of where their relationship is headed.

Will Derrick overcome his past or will he live with the harsh reality that although our sins can be forgiven the consequences from them can come back to haunt us?

And what about Sarah? Will she truly change or is she really that spoiled brat with her “holier-than-thou” nose in the air?

Thank you, Hallee Bridgeman, for sharing your dream with us.”


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