Lies Women Believe About Priorities – Addendum

I wanted to address another topic within chapter 5 of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’  Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets them FreeThere was so much meat in this chapter, that it was really impossible to keep it all to one post.

As I thought about it, I decided the best thing to do is just give you an excerpt from the chapter:

Statistics indicate that the gender gap has narrowed dramatically in matters of hiring practices, pay scales, and educational opportunities – results that activists have worked long and hard to achieve.  But, what about the unintended consequences of this newfound freedom?  Whoever expected that we would have to live with such things as…

  • pressure placed on women by their peers to “do more” than be “just a wife and mother”;
  • the status of a “homemaker” being devalued as something less than that of a serf;
  • millions of infants and toddlers being dropped off at day care centers before daylight and picked up after dark;
  • millions of children coming home from school to empty houses or being relegated to after-school child care programs;
  • mothers giving their best energy and time to persons other than their husbands and children, leaving those women perpetually exhausted and edgy;
  • families that seldom sit down and have a meal together;
  • children subsisting on frozen dinners and fast food eaten on the run;
  • emotional and physical affairs being fanned by married women spending more quality time with men at work than they do with their own husbands;
  • women gaining enough financial independence to free them to leave their husbands;
  • women being exposed day after day to coarse language and behavior and sexual innuendos in the workplace;
  • women who don’t have the time or energy to cultivate a close relationship with their children and who end up permanently estranged from their grown children;
  • children spending countless hours being entertained b videos, TV, electronic games, and computers;
  • inadequately supervised children becoming exposed to and lured into pornography, alcohol, drugs, sex, and violence;
  • elderly parents having to be placed in institutions because their daughters and daughters-in-law are working full time and can’t manage their care.

In determining our priorities as Christian women, we must first ask: Why did God make women?  What is His purpose and mission for our lives?  The Word of God provides women of every generation and culture with the Truth about our created purpose and primary role and calling.  When we embrace The Truth and establish our priorities and schedules around it, we experience true liberation.

In Genesis 2:18, we find the first and clearest statement of why God created the woman:

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him.”

There you have it – God created woman to be a helper to the man – to complete him, to be suited to his needs.  Her life was to center on his, not his on hers.  She was made from the man, made for the man, and given as God’s gift to the man.  Her relationship with her husband was the first and primary sphere in which she was to move and serve.  Her husband was responsible to work to provide for their material needs.  She was to be his helper and companion in reflecting the image of God, taking dominion over the earth, and reproducing a Godly seed.

The reason that I quoted this instead of just paraphrasing it, is because it sums up almost perfectly my feelings and opinions on the subject.  I don’t think I could have more simply stated it.

I’m curious as to what your opinion is about it, or about what Nancy said in this quote.  Do you agree or disagree with her?  In whole or in part?




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