A Cup of Coffee with My Daughter

This is one of my favorite coffee cups.

It’s an ugly orange-brown that doesn’t match any other cup in my kitchen.  It was probably purchased at the Dollar Tree or somewhere in bulk.

But I love it.

My first Mother’s Day in Kentucky, Kaylee gave it to me.  She was upset  because it wasn’t her first choice, but she’d pulled a high number in the lottery in her school class and was one of the last kids to get to pick.  Then she filled it with soil and planted a seed.  The seed grew to a plant, which bloomed.

I think fathers got the short end of the stick with Father’s Day being in the middle of summer, when children don’t get to make crafty little things like flowers in coffee cups that they get to watch grow for weeks in anticipation of surprising them with the gift.

Kaylee was excited because I love coffee, my kitchen is decorated in coffee, and here was this coffee cup with a plant that I was able to put on my kitchen window sill.  For over a year it stayed there, until the plant outgrew the cup and I had to replant it.  I put it in a hanging pot outside that I could still see from my kitchen window and didn’t think to bring it in over the winter.  The plant wasn’t hardy enough to survive the winter.

But I still have this cup.  As far as coffee cups go, it’s excellent.  It feels good in my hand, it retains the warmth of the coffee pretty well.  And every single time I drink from it, I remember Kaylee giving it to me for Mother’s Day, and I think about the flowers blooming in it, and I am filled with love for my daughter and thankfulness to God for giving her to me.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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