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I struggle with a completely insatiable curiosity. I have a few questions for any of you brilliant, extraordinary, wonderful people who care to answer. I know you are busy, but if you feel like it, I would be honestly grateful and absolutely riveted to read your responses.

  1. If you read this blog, what do you see here that blesses you the most?
  2. If you maintain a blog of your own, what first motivated you to start blogging?
  3. Has your motivation changed?  What motivates you today?

Here is the situation.

Today, I look at Hallee’s blog and her blogroll, and all of your blogrolls, and honestly, I see a sisterhood of kindred spirits — a sorority of excellent and extraordinary people. Your written voices are so joyful and so very packed with purpose. I admire each of you for many reasons, but mainly I admire each of you for your heart. I wish I could thank you all personally just for being who you are. I suppose — if I had the means — I would buy each of you a house or something by way of expressing my gratitude for just how utterly cool you are.

When my gorgeous, wonderful wife discovered the world of blogging, she felt so very thrilled and so very excited by the personalities she found in the blogosphere. Every single day, her faith was affirmed or reaffirmed, her values were bolstered, and her heart was lifted. She loved getting to “know” and see how much she had in common with you all.

My beloved bride found herself inspired.

When Hallee wanted to start her own blog, I asked her to wait until I had time and resources. I wanted everything to be “perfect.” In hindsight, I am so happy she didn’t wait. I am thankful she listened to the Holy Spirit directing her not to bury her talents, but to use her talents and get started on this mission, even if it wasn’t perfect from day one. When she launched her initial site back in August of 2009, it convicted me to make time, find resources, and reprioritize some things so that she could have the perfect blog I had envisioned providing.

Before she started her blog in earnest, I asked her what her motivation was. My main concern was that maintaining a site of the very high quality I knew she would demand of herself would take TIME.

My beloved bride maintains a home while her husband is thousands of miles away wearing fashionable Kevlar.  She has three children, each with their own needs and specific sets of demands.  She has weekly obligations at church, weekly obligations supporting the Tuesday night fund-raising activity of the Glen Eden Youth Center, and regular obligations playing taxi-driver for those aforementioned children.  She has one novel at a major publishing house at the moment and the looming necessity to revise 9 others she has written, which means she has an obligation to work on her books six days a week before the kids get up and around.  She is the Secretary of the Kentucky Romance Writers and a nominee for the Faith, Hope, and Love Chapter of Romance Writers of America.  When would she have time?

It’s a ministry.

She informed me that she wanted to approach blogging much like a ministry, just as we approach our diet, our many obligations, and so many other facets of our lifestyle. She felt she needed to take it on as a responsibility.

Today, I have the opportunity to interact with my beautiful bride on her blog or behind the scenes from thousands of miles away almost every day. It is a means of communicating and sharing with my wife that has opened up so many previously unexplored avenues.

The question I really have for the bloggers is this:

Do you feel a weight of responsibility?

Do you feel a weight of responsibility to your present and future audience? To yourself? To a higher power?

Thank you, excellent, brilliant, extraordinary people. Thank you in advance for satisfying my ridiculously irrepressible curiosity. May God bless each and every one of you in your walk.
— Gregg

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