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They Can Take a Taxi!

While waiting for Man of Steel to start in the theater this weekend, this commercial played:

This commercial is agonizing on so many levels:

Coke Zero is chemically laden crap. I don’t think anyone who reads my blog on any regular basis would be surprised that I feel that way. It really isn’t the point of this post.
Here is yet another “useless, irresponsible” adult male promoted in advertising. The destruction of the American male by media has been a constant onslaught for a few decades now. The less I am exposed to media, the more obvious and infuriating the pattern is.
Video games are proving to actually be damaging to the brain and addictive. Here is a commercial not only NOT denying it, but proving it.

I don’t ever see commercials. Honestly, this one makes me glad that I don’t. I’m absolutely flabbergasted how anyone could think this commercial is promoting something good.

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