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Fresh & Flavorful Pico de Gallo

My daughter Kaylee LOVES fresh pico de gallo. She’ll sit with a huge bowl of it and a bag of organic tortilla chips and just inhale it. And because of the health benefits to the fresh salsa, I don’t discourage it. With fresh tomatoes, fresh peppers, and fresh onion, the vitamins and minerals can’t be beat. In running the nutritional analysis of the recipe, this is what I discovered. Fresh Pico de Gallo is has no cholesterol, is low in sodium, very high in dietary fiber, high in manganese, high in magnesium, high in niacin, high in phosphorus, very high in potassium, high in thiamin, very high in vitamin A, very high in vitamin B6, and very high in vitamin C.

It’s also REALLY easy. I make it all summer long straight out of my garden.

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