Roasting a Whole Chicken

Posted by Hallee on Feb 24, 2012 in American Quisine, entrees, Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips, Recipes

These conversations all happened within a week or so of each other. They intrigued me only because roasting a whole chicken is my “I don’t want to put effort into dinner so I’m going to roast a whole chicken” fallback.

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Roasting the Perfect Turkey

Roasting a turkey may seem like a daunting task, but it’s really not that difficult. It’s just a matter of making sure it’s cooked all the way more than anything, and making sure you don’t over-cook it. Under-cooked turkey is a health hazard, and over-cooked turkey can be dry.

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Root Beer Barbecued Beef Sandwiches

Posted by Hallee on Dec 2, 2009 in American Quisine, entrees, Hallee's Galley, Recipes

We don’t eat pork, so this is the perfect substitute for a “pulled pork” sandwich. I use organic root beer, because it’s made with real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.

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