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Creation: The Modern View Stepping Backward II

I suppose it would be easier for my detractors if I were to passively consent to endlessly repeat myself, isolating my side of the main argument only to very finite details of the Darwinist religion here-and-there, those minuscule items of data with which my opponents have more than a passing familiarity. Then, those tiny little shreds of insignificant points could be held up as straw men amidst the multitude of monolithic refutations I can present, have presented, and will continue to present. Those little nothing straw men could then be ceremonially burned in effigy for the satisfaction of the lemmings, and the spiritually immature Darwinist detractor could then leave the field feeling victorious and even, dare I say, a bit self-righteous.

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Creation: Micro-Evolution=Changes Within Kind

In plain English, micro-evolution is what happens when, say for example, corn pollinates and makes slightly different corn in the next generation of … corn. Or when dogs interbreed and make a different breed of dog. Or when human beings have human babies. In other words, it isn’t even evolution. It is simply modification within kind, also called change within kind, also called variation within kind.

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