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Creation: Cosmic Evolution Part II

Matter, like air, can get hot. An absense of matter cannot get hot. Heat is energy. Energy is simply transformed matter. This is why we have the first law of thermodynamics. But nothingness is an absence of matter and and absence of energy. In point of fact, nothing is an absense of everything. Nothing can become neither dense nor hot. Things like air get hot, because air is matter, not an absence of it, and some of the matter in air can be transformed into energy which nothing cannot do since it is nothing.

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Creation: Micro-Evolution=Changes Within Kind

In plain English, micro-evolution is what happens when, say for example, corn pollinates and makes slightly different corn in the next generation of … corn. Or when dogs interbreed and make a different breed of dog. Or when human beings have human babies. In other words, it isn’t even evolution. It is simply modification within kind, also called change within kind, also called variation within kind.

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