DIY: Toothpaste as Cleaning Agent

Posted by Hallee on Jan 24, 2014 in Homemaking with Hallee, Housekeeping

CAREFULLY apply the toothpaste to the cloudy lens keeping it away from your paint. Use an old toothbrush you are about to throw away anyway and scrub in a circular brushing motion overlapping as you go. There is no need to floss.

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Powdered Laundry Detergent

Posted by Hallee on Dec 9, 2013 in Housekeeping, Life

One of the most popular posts on this blog is my Homemade Laundry Detergent. It is so popular because you can wash laundry for the cost of about $1.06 per 64 loads of laundry.

Well, you have to make that soap ahead of time and let it gel up overnight. Which is cool when you’re paying attention. Not so cool when you lose track of how little soap is in the bottom of the container.

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