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Raising a Healthy Family from Scratch

While most of us struggle to conquer our junk food cravings, Hallee Bridgeman and her family seem to be on the other side of the spectrum. The Hallee the Homemaker blogger chooses to feed her family a strict Levitical diet and prepares all meals from scratch. Hallee may be a pro at whipping up nutritious grub, but what is most important to her is making sure her kids understand the “why” to healthy foods. Find out how Hallee’s 4-year-old son became an expert wheat-grinder and why her teen daughter actually prefers the junk-free snack selection at home.


Surviving Separation: Dealing With It

I’ve been asked by Care.com to contribute to a series about celebrating the holidays as a military family. In Holiday Boot Camp for the Military Spouse, Care.com listed resources for 26 tips for making this holiday special – no matter where your family is stationed.

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