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That said, the other night, my husband and I watched Safe Haven. I didn’t recognize the lead guy (Josh Duhamel), so when I saw him, I was kind of surprised. He looks EXACTLY like my character in Burn (an unpublished novel), Ian MacDermott. EXACTLY. The entire movie, I couldn’t get over how much he talked like him, moved like him, looked like him — it was almost eerie.


Tip: Handling Hot Peppers

Hot peppers contain an nutrient in them called capsicum. Capsicum is what creates the burning sensation in your mouth when you eat something that’s made with hot peppers. It can also burn your skin. When you pick peppers with your bare hands, the capsicum can get on your skin and burn. If you touch your eyes or your mouth with the capsicum on your skin, you can actually get burns that need to be treated medically.

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