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Creation: Mother Nature’s Plan

Before I step into the primordial soup that is Chemical Evolution, which slips nicely down the logical slope into the quagmire of Abiogenesis, I must preface those future posts with some foundational data. This data is important for context. The foundational data we must examine has to do with the fallacy of Darwinist reification and the age of the earth. In this post, I will focus on reification.

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Creation: Micro-Evolution=Changes Within Kind

In plain English, micro-evolution is what happens when, say for example, corn pollinates and makes slightly different corn in the next generation of … corn. Or when dogs interbreed and make a different breed of dog. Or when human beings have human babies. In other words, it isn’t even evolution. It is simply modification within kind, also called change within kind, also called variation within kind.

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