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“Easy Two Ingredients”

Now that fall is here, Facebook and Pinterest are alive with “easy two ingredient” recipes for all the holiday baking that start with a cake mix then you add a can of pumpkin or something similar and…BAM!…dessert.

I would like to point out, though, that it isn’t two ingredients. It is, at best, about 20 ingredients, many of which are harmful and TOXIC to your body.

I’ll break down a Duncan Hines Yellow Cake mix for you:

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A Cultural, Spiritual, & Emotional Loss

Over the last few decades, the majority of our society has moved away from fresh, whole foods and into packaged, prepared, preserved products. We’ve lost something very fundamental as a result. Opening cans and dumping, slicing a vent hole into a plastic sealed microwavable tray, “just add water” – those things have taken away from something that, I believe, is an inherent desire within us to make the process of growing, preparing, cooking, and serving a joyful experience. We’ve taken something that should be a very basic delight and turned it into a tedious chore that has us seeking any time-saving product that will get it done faster and with less hassle.

But at what cost?

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