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My Reading List

Hi. If you read my blog with any kind of regularity, you’ll know that my husband has been in Afghanistan for the last almost two years, and that he and I met in Kuwait on Tuesday and are spending the week together in a wonderful time of aloneness. That is only significant to right now because…I forgot to pack my Vicki Courtney’s 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter book, and I didn’t read the next chapter yet…


Please Lift Up a Friend

Penny Franklin, a fellow Seeds of Faith team member and blogger, lost her husband, John, in a tragic accident yesterday, December 30th. Penny and her husband were a pastoral team in a church in Louisiana, and have two small children, Jordan and JP.


A Lesson from Love

Seeds of Faith Team MemberWednesday morning, I was feeling really sorry for myself. Wednesday is my day to volunteer and cook at the soup kitchen, which normally is so fulfilling to me, but that day was the day before Gregg’s birthday and I was dwelling on it. That afternoon, a young wife and mother came into the dining room to eat.


Seeds of Faith: The Media

This chapter thoroughly touches on all areas of media, from magazine articles to lyrics in music, to television shows and commercials, and how these areas in our lives continually and constantly sexually objectify women. You can’t watch a college football game without a scantily clad model touting a beer brand. You can’t watch a crime show on television without a scene in a bar with naked pole dancers kissing each other.

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365 Days Ago

I love this blog. I love that the one-year-anniversary-giveaway has over 600 comments. I love that there is a steady number of you who have been with me from the very first post and who still read me every day. I love that people do searches for “Hallee the Homemaker” because someone has told them about this site. I love that God has allowed me this opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, to do Bible studies, to have debates and disagreements, to have conversations, to share recipes and stories from life, to pray for each other.


Seeds of Faith

I am so excited to be one of the newest members of the Seeds of Faith team! I will be contributing regularly under the label “Writing Worth Reading.” I decided to serialize 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter as my first project there. My first post will appear Sunday, July 11th, and will be on chapter 1.

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