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Creation: Darwinian Evolutionary Frauds Pt. VII

Finally, in 1953 and after nearly 40 years, Joseph Weiner and Kenneth Oakley applied the recently developed fluorine test to the bones—and found that Piltdown Man was a complete hoax. Someone had intentionally taken an ape jaw and combined it with a fragment of human skull bone, filed the teeth somewhat, and then carefully stained the entire “specimen” so that the bones looked both ancient and appeared to be a matching set.

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Red Handed

The pictures didn’t come out. I’m irritated because you can’t see how bad this really was. These are little Jeb handprints – red handprints – more specifically, handprints made from hands smeared with red lipstick. I don’t want to really discuss the incident or the red handprints that went all the way up the stair banister, the stairwell wall, the upstairs hallway, the boys’ bedroom door…

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