The Power of a Praying Wife – Chapter 10: His Choices

In the course of our discussing it, we discussed the fact that God has placed the husband as the head of the family. Gregg said, “I am responsible for my choices. If I make a bad decision, God is going to say to me, ‘Why did you make this bad decision?’ If I seek your counsel and take your advice, God is not going to say to you, ‘Why did you give bad advice?’ God is going to say to me, ‘Why did you make this bad decision?'”


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The Power of a Praying Wife – Chapter 8: His Fears

Posted by Hallee on Jul 31, 2010 in Biblical womanhood, Christian Faith, Holy matrimony, Love, Praying Wife

I’m a worrier. I actually drive my husband to distraction with it. I don’t verbalize most of it, but he knows me, so he knows. When faced with situations, my mind goes through what the worse case scenario would be. I think it’s a manner of preparing me for whatever is, and if it’s not the worse case, then I can handle whatever it is.


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The Power of a Praying Wife – Chapter 6: His Temptation

Posted by Hallee on Jul 3, 2010 in Christian Faith, Holy matrimony, Praying Wife

Men are visual creatures. And we live in an extremely visual world. From swimsuit models pedaling beer to shiny sports car commercials, we are bombarded visually on a constant basis. You can barely even read a website without your peripheral vision being attacked with ads that flash, scroll, bleep, bloop. I was on a website recently trying to read a long line of text and an ad in the sidebar was so annoying that I had to open another window and put it in front of the one I was reading to block the ad.

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