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Something About Me Most People Don’t Know

One thing about my personality that most people can pick up on within a short amount of time in meeting me is that I’m a very capable person. If I see a task, I figure out a way to accomplish it. I’m good at logic, I’m good at critical thinking, I’m good at math, and I have a tendency to take charge and lead. All of those things combine into one neat little capable package.


Creation: Darwinian Evolutionary Frauds Pt. XVII

FACT 1: Countless very specific and accurate scientific facts do not reflect Darwinian interpretations.
FACT 2: Countless very specific and accurate points of logic do not reflect Darwinian interpretations.
FACT 3: Many Darwinian interpretations do not agree with many other Darwinian interpretations and are often contradictory or in conflict.
FACT 4: Darwinists resort to threats, ridicule, legal maneuverings, fraud, and excommunication to counter arguments against Darwinism.
CONCLUSION: Darwinists practice censorship to avoid debate that would reveal their theories to be scientifically baseless and logically fallacious.

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