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Seeds of Faith: Truth and Consequences

In Sunday school a few weeks ago, we were studying Romans 1, and through a rabbit chasing a rabbit course of conversation, I mentioned that we do not watch popular culture television. We don’t have cable, we don’t do whatever HD thing you need to do to get base television stations, and we have no intention of changing that in the near future. I said that the reason why is because we are so strict about what we allow into our home in the form of entertainment, that there are actually very few shows that we would even be able to watch if we were willing to free up that much time in our lives for watching.

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Creation: Mutations Refutations Part III

The truth is that we were all created in God’s image. We did not come about as a result of mathematically impossible chance and accident. Mutation is the current placeholder in the current secular humanist world view until a better naturalistic, materialistic explanation can be hypothesized. For now, it is the best they have, and it is extremely weak.

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