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Adapting for Life

However, now that Gregg is home all the time, yet still busy with meetings and National Guard duty, now that Kaylee is on the volleyball team and a high school sophomore, and now that Scott and Johnathan will both be in school and active in different activities all year, I have discovered that a “year at a glance” just isn’t going to cut it anymore in organizing our family.

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Organizing the Boys’ Room

I’ve been looking for a way to organize the boys’ toys. What we were using was a big Rubbermaid bin. But it was so deep that for Jeb to even be able to access any toy that wasn’t on top, we had to lay it on its side. They also didn’t even know what was in it – so they never played with anything.

In our church nursery, there are two shelves that are made from cubes that have cloth drawers. I’ve always admired how the shelves look, but I didn’t think too much about them until my first Sunday working the nursery. I discovered that those cubes hold an amazing amount of stuff!

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