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Creation: Darwinian Engines of Evolution

Darwinists scrambled for “engines” that would “drive” Darwinian evolution. This is admittedly an attempt to skew the odds to make their idiotic theory somewhat plausible by compensating for finite time and matter in the universe.

Even supposing the universe is 15 billion years old, that is a finite amount of seconds in which an infinite amount of changes must occur for Darwinism to be true. Even supposing the earth is 4 billion or so years old, a single cell has to assemble itself from dirt and rocks and such by an undirected, unguided, random process –and for that simple single cell to appear, a nearly infinite number of random occurrences must take place in order, without error. The best estimates put it at a greater than 1 in 10 to the 100,000,000,000th power chance.

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