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Wives & Mommies Need a Day Off, Too

One of the things about being a homemaker – especially a homemaker with small children – ESPECIALLY a homemaker with small children and a husband 8,000 miles away (ahem) – is that there is never a break. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we’re needed, wanted, touched, hung on to, cooking, cleaning, wiping noses, finding toys or shoes or softball gloves.


Big Boy Beds

The list is as long as my arm, but on the top was putting beds together. I wanted to get Kaylee into a full bed (her feet have started hanging over the end of her twin bed), and move the boys from toddler beds into twin beds. My dad spent Saturday morning putting beds together, then we spent Saturday afternoon trying desperately to figure out how to get them to fit in the bedroom.


10 Things Never to Say…

My friend Amy handed me a cut-out from Redbook magazine Sunday. A blogger was asked to come up with 10 things never to say to a stay-at-home-mom. I’m going to re-title this, because I loathe the term “stay-at-home-mom” – but everything else gets credited to Candy Kirby of thelaughingstork.com:


A Fresh Outlook & A New Schedule

I had my day and my week planned down to the minute. My home ran like a well oiled machine. Things would interrupt that smooth operation — an out of town trip, the early stages of garden growing when you have to be outside tending the garden constantly, a night with no sleep and a cranky child — but for the most part, it was all good. For three years I excelled at the housekeeping part of homemaking.


Of Course It’s Not Easy! It’s Work!

Homemaking is a job. It requires full time attention. It encompasses a huge amount of responsibility from maintaining a clean home, doing laundry, cooking, caring for children, caring for the spouse, gardening, preserving, etc. etc. For some of us, it also includes homeschooling.


Out with the Old…

The calendar I have hanging on my refrigerator is an academic year calendar, which means that it runs from July through June. The only reason for this is because we closed on and moved into our house on July 2nd. By June, I’m antsy to start putting together a new one.


3 Chores You Should Do Every Night

Evening chores are the hardest. Most of us have put in a long day and our bed beckons. It’s so easy to think that you can tackle it in the morning refreshed and ready for another day. But when you put it off, then you put it off again and put it off again until you’ve lost the control of your environment. If you can accomplish these three chores evening, before retiring for the night, you can keep a handle on your household. These are the three main areas that typically get out of control and bog down our time when it’s time to clean. If they’re already done, then we can focus on the actual cleaning rather than catching up.

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