30 Days of Thankfulness Day 18

Posted by Hallee on Nov 19, 2013 in Christian Faith, Life

I love our church. When we walked in the doors of that building, we knew we belonged there. After we’d been there for about a year, I said something in a class one time about it, and a friend there said, “You’ve been going here longer than a year, haven’t you?” It feels like we’ve always been there.


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Vacation Days 3 & 4

Posted by Hallee on Jun 19, 2013 in Life

We woke up early in our vacation condo on Saturday morning and explored our 2-room condo that would be our home for the next week, and then unpacked.


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I’m Angry

Posted by Hallee on Oct 11, 2012 in Christian Faith, Life

Our church, like churches for a couple millenia, has gone through a split. Someone got angry about something – felt offended by something, people started talking, stirring up strife, and before you knew it, 60 families left the church. It happens. We’re human. We get offended — and we offend. It’s just one of those quirky things about a societal way of life.


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I will Sing a New Song to You, O God

Posted by Hallee on Sep 8, 2010 in Christian Faith, Family, fellowship, inspiration

When I’m in my kitchen, I usually have a radio station playing that has a daily lineup of preachers and teachers — David Jeremiah, Alistair Begg, Focus on the Family, some local churches — I enjoy listening to the sermons and conversations. When I’m not listening to that, I’ll have the radio on K-Love, which plays contemporary Christian music. I enjoy many of the songs and love the message in most of the songs.

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