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Hallee on the Issues: Government Spending & the Federal Debt/Deficit

I have a fiscally conservative perspective when it comes to things like government spending. Our government spends WAY too much money. If you want to see some of the mind-boggling appropriations, a good source is Citizens Against Government Waste. They break down how much money went to what, and which Representative is responsible for the bill to enact the spending. Spend some time there and you’ll see what is called “pork” – excessive government use of taxpayer dollars.


Giveaway: Pizza Party!

Welcome to our February giveaway!

To wrap up our week-long pizza party, we are giving away this pizza stone, pizza peel, and pizza cutter (which is apparently officially called a pizza wheel)!


Menu Planning

As I’ve said in My Schedule (see the tabs above) long ago I had a full-time job with professional and personal commitments that kept me extremely busy. However, eating out all of the time was no a fiscal option, and fast food was not a healthy option, so I made sure that I cooked dinner every night. The only way to be able to do that with the lifestyle we lived and to eat before 9 o’clock every night was to have a menu plan.

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Guest Post: Couponning 101’s Heather on Money Saving Grocery Shopping

Hi, My name is Heather and I’m a super coupon junkie. I have a really hard time paying full price for anything and beyond that, I’m in it for the rush! There’s a thrill to stand at the checkout and watch the total $$ go down as the total savings goes up… I’m a huge fan of couponning and making every sale work for me, so much that I actually blog about it at http://couponning101.blogspot.com

Being a guest blogger on Hallee’s site is kinda like going to my first AA meeting – I’m sharing my addiction with you… but unlike AA, this addiction can save you tons of money a year on your groceries no matter where you live in the USA

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