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The Culture’s Message: Sex is Great! Why Wait?

Shopping at the mall Thanksgiving weekend, I saw a sight that broke my heart. A little girl of approximately six or seven years old in pigtails and Mary Janes was sitting on the ledge of a store’s window front. She was all innocence and bubblegum bubbles, and was laughing at a baby in a stroller. In the window above her head was a Victoria’s Secret model, looking up with a seductive look at the camera above her, that looked down the exposed cleavage of the barely covered up breasts, her torso bare down to a very skimpy pair of panties.

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Creation: Darwinian Evolutionary Frauds Pt. II

Vestigial structures are probably the best example of Darwinian reliance upon circular reasoning to “prove” their alleged point, that point being that Darwinian evolution is “true.” Vestigial organs are also a very good example of intentional and continuing fraud perpetrated by Darwinists.

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