Survey: Not Valued

survey coffeeA commenter in my “Old School Housekeeping” post said, “I wish stay-at-home-moms were more valued in today’s society.”

I read that about an hour after reading a poll from a local news station on Facebook.  (Here’s the link to the poll.)  At the time that I write this, 133 people replied to this question:

According to a Gallup poll stay-at-home moms are more likely to be *this* than moms who work outside the home. What is it?

Out of the 133 that replied in the time I wrote this, here are a few sampling of replies:

  • depressed/crazy/co-dependent/unhappy: 39
  • overweight: 19
  • broke: 2
  • over-protective/anti-social: 4
  • rich/spoiled: 5
  • happy/content: 17
  • good cook/crafty/frugal: 15

69 truly negative comments, versus 32 positive comments, and about 30 comments that dealt with things like “crazy cat lady”, “lucky”, etc.

I would have assumed that someone saying “I wish stay-at-home-moms were more valued in today’s society,” was exaggerating, but looking at 3-hours worth of comments in this poll, I’d say that it is kind of spot-on.

What would your answer be…and, why?



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