Adapting for Life

Every July, I look SO forward to decorating a new calendar and hanging it on the side of my refrigerator.  I have loved using a year-at-a-glance style, and being able to see, well, then entire year.  At a glance.

However, now that Gregg is home all the time, yet still busy with meetings and National Guard duty, now that Kaylee is on the volleyball team and a high school sophomore, and now that Scott and Johnathan will both be in school and active in different activities all year, I have discovered that a “year at a glance” just isn’t going to cut it anymore in organizing our family.

This is what my calendar looked like in June.  It was a mess – unorganized, sloppy, and hard to see what was going on.

We’ve had to upgrade.  Instead of a “year at a glance”, we’ve gone with a monthly calendar.  It was a desk calendar that I hung on the side of the fridge with clips.  But, it was really boring – black and white and just blah.

So, I purchased some calendar making stickers and spoofed it up a bit.

Now I have a clean look, decorated, easy to read and keep track of our month.

I’m so excited to greet each month, fresh and new and unmarked!  (Of course, volleyball games and practice have already filled us up through October…hehe).



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