If You’re a Facebook Fan You Want to Read This

Facebook went public, so life is now all about money and being accountable to stockholders.

Yay us, the consumers.

One of the initial drawbacks was the way that pages disappeared from your news feed.  Those of us who have pages could see at the bottom of every block to create a post the option to “promote” a post.  For a nominal fee, Facebook would make sure it got in front of more subscribers.

So, those of you who subscribed to Facebook pages like Hallee the Homemaker aren’t necessarily seeing any posts from us unless we pay for it or you change your settings.

At first, we thought it was a simple fix, and I PAID FACEBOOK to get that information out to you.  Another new thing is that under each post, we can see how many people saw it.  So, I paid for 1600 of my +1700 fans to see this post, but Facebook reported about 800 people actually saw it.  The simple fix was to over over the “LIKED” button and select, “Show in News Feed”.

Apparently, that is not enough.  And, quite honestly, one more thing and I may just up and leave Facebook.

Here is a detailed blog article explaining the OVERLY COMPLICATED and RIDICULOUSLY CONFUSING steps on how to make sure your favorite pages (like Hallee the Homemaker) actually show up in your news feed.

And if I have enough fans willing to migrate over to Google+, I may lead the charge.


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