The Garden: Week 1

Can you believe that it’s gardening time again?  This winter went by SO FAST.

That may have a lot to do with the fact that we didn’t have much of a winter in Kentucky.  Our heaviest snow came on March 3rd, and the day after that it was 80 degrees outside.

Consequently, I was able to till the section of garden I planted — barefoot!  I love tilling dirt barefoot.  There are few things as energizing as the feel of fresh-tilled dirt on bare feet.

All I planted right now were the peas.  I put them in the section I normally put our corn.  We have a plot of garden on our church property where we’re going to plant corn because there will be more room there.  That opens up this whole section of the garden for me.  I decided to fill it with peas.

It plum wore Nina out.

Scott and Johnathan were great help, as you can probably imagine.

We got done just in time for the severe thunderstorm warning signal.  Hopefully, it doesn’t rain hard enough to wash the seeds away.

I also found clusters of onions all over the yard – not wild onions that grow in Kentucky, but onions that grew from seed.  I don’t know if they’re a result of the bad weather and tornadoes we had a few weeks ago, or if heavy rains just brought them into my yard.  I have a few weeks before I need to till any more ground, so I’m going to let them just grow until I really need to move them.

So, tell me — how does your garden grow?



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