Chocolate Groundhog Day Cupcakes

These cupcakes were so much fun to make. I just put them together with things I had in my pantry.

I started with just a plain Devil’s Food Cake and made 24 cupcakes.

I frosted them lightly with Delectible Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. I didn’t put too thick of a coat on, because there is so much frosting in the form of the groundhog.

frost cupcake

Sprinkle some chocolate cookie crumbs or some chopped up chocolate to give the impression of “dirt.”

sprinkle with crumbles

Using a decorating bag and a tip — I used a large star tip so that there would be some impression of “fur”– make a mound. The shape is largely unimportant – as long as it’s mounded. Once you get the face on, it will look right.

pipe moundbase mound on cupcake

For the eyes, I cut miniature marshmallows in half.

cut marshmallows

Using miniature chocolate chips, I pushed the pointed end of the chip into the sticky side of the marshmallow until the tip of the chip started coming out of the back. The chips should stay in place now.

mini chocolate chippress in chcolate chipuntil coming out other side

eyesmany eyes

For the ears, I cut pecans in half.

cut pecans to ears

For the teeth, I cut slivered almonds in half.

almonds to teeth

For the nose, I used a peanut butter chip.


Once the mound is made on the cupcake, I put the ears on, then the eyes, then the nose, then I pushed the almonds into the frosting under the nose until just the tips of the almonds were sticking out.

place eyesplace face

Since the groundhog is looking to see if winter will stick around, I sprinkled some candy snowflakes around the “ground”.


My kids were thrilled.

groundhog cupcake

Happy Groundhog’s Day!

groundhog cupcakes


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