Month: December 2011

My Playlist

I recently saw a friend on Facebook talk about loading a playlist for a long run, including songs from the 80’s movie The Breakfast Club, some current top 20, and a couple of Christmas songs. It occurred to me as I read that how weird not “normal” I am.


Fireplace Glow

Then I saw this post about how to make a faux fireplace by Ann Marie at Household6Diva.

I am not a great decorating ideas person. I think you’ve seen enough of my house in pictures to realize that it just simply isn’t my area. But, I’m great at copying. So, I saw this post and it got me thinking. How would candles look in the fireplace?


Menu Monday 05 DEC 2011

Here’s the menu for my family for the week of December 5th. As far as desserts go, I’m making Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies (but I’m going to experiment with juicing a beet to use for the red dye instead of commercial dye) for a birthday present for a work colleague of Gregg’s, and making Stacy’s Pumpkin Roll for a birthday present for the kids’ horseback riding instructor. I’ll probably be nice and make double to share with the family. :-)

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A Beautiful Partnership

Gregg and I met through a writers’ group online. We knew each other for several years before we met in person. Though we had no romantic interest or intent in each other prior to our first in-person meeting, within a week we knew we would be married, within three months we were engaged, and we were married six months after our first meeting.

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