Now You Have No More Excuses

A group of soldiers who worked with my husband in Enduring Base Sharana, Afghanistan, have a regular pizza night.  SFC Cale Hepler is the host for this regular tradition, and sent me these pictures and this story:

The short story goes like this: at my house Friday nights is homemade pizza and a movie night with my kids. It started to gain popularity with some of my NCOs in my platoon and about mid-week I’d start getting questions about what the movie was for Friday night. Well, when we deployed, we wanted to keep that connection and tradition going so Salerno (SSG Leaf, who used to come over to the house a lot) started the tradition on Saturday’s. Once I got my supplies I started the tradition on Sunday’s here at Sharana. We don’t watch a movie together because there’s not really a space for 20 Soldiers to watch the same movie, but we normally do something together.

Now, if you think you can’t make pizza because you don’t have the room, or the supplies, or the right atmosphere, I would like to introduce you to the next 22 pictures, taken in SFC Hepler’s hooch on Pizza Sunday.  They made about 10 pizzas using supplies mailed to them by loved ones and toppings collected at the mess hall.  For the sake of blog purity, we’re going to pretend that the ham pictured in the following is turkey ham (HA!).  I’ve captioned them as SFC Hepler has captioned them.  I think the “Tools of the Trade” picture is my personal favorite.

If anyone would like their APO address to send them pizza supplies, let me know.  I’ve seen them asking for and thanking people for pizza supplies on their Facebook.  I know that Gregg promised to send them some turkey pepperoni when he got home.

Thank you so much for sharing your tradition with us, SFC Hepler.  God bless you and your soldiers.  My husband was honored to have worked with your fine platoon.

Benson learning how to make the crust
Gotta kneed the dough
Tools of the trade
flatten out the crust

the preferred sauce

a toppings box

Badley is a bbq sauce fan

The best black olives

snazzy oven mitt

the finished product. We made 10 pizzas tonight which is about normal


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