Jen’s Greek Crockpot Chicken

I’ve known Jen since we were pregnant with our 5-year-olds. She is the crock-pot recipe queen to me, and a very dear friend. I often wished we lived closer than the few hundred miles that separate us, because seeing her a few times a year just isn’t enough.

I am so excited that she is willing to do a regular crockpot column here at Hallee the Homemaker!

I am very honored that Hallee asked me to do a crock pot post! I enjoy using my crock pot to make easy, healthy meals for my family. My three boys keep me very busy and sometimes I just don’t have time or energy to put together a meal at dinner time.  It’s very convenient to be able to throw everything in the crock pot in the morning (or even early afternoon) and leave it to cook until dinner time. It also makes the house smell delicious! I used my crock pot so much that I ended up getting a second, larger one. You can even make dessert in the crock pot.

Jen’s Greek Crockpot Chicken

Last week I made this great recipe. It’s one I’ve made before and my family enjoys it. I served it over rice pilaf but you could serve it over mashed potatoes or couscous.


6 skinless chicken thighs, cut into 1-inch pieces
2 TBS flour
3 medium carrots
1 medium bell pepper
1 TBS fresh basil
2 TBS fresh parsley
1 (6-oz.) can tomato paste
½ cup dry red wine (I didn’t have any so I used some red wine vinegar)
3 TBS water
2 TBS lemon juice
1 tsp cumin
½ tsp cinnamon
1 tsp honey
⅓ cup crumbled Feta cheese



Sharp knife/cutting board

Small bowl/spoon

Measuring cups/spoons.


Dice vegetables and herbs.

Slice the chicken.


Combine the chicken and flour, toss to coat evenly. Put the floured chicken in the crock pot.

Next place the veggies and herbs on top of the chicken.

In a bowl, combine the tomato paste, wine, water, lemon juice, cumin and cinnamon. Blend well.

Pour sauce over the veggies/chicken.

Cover and cook on low for 6 to 7 hours or on high for 4 hours.

Add honey and blend well.

Serve over rice, potatoes, or couscous and top with feta cheese.


6 servings

High in niacin

High in selenium

Very high in vitamin A

High in vitamin B6

Very high in vitamin C


I would love to hear any feedback about this recipe. Did you make it? Did you enjoy it? Did you make any adjustments to it?


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